New Painting



This painting has been on a bit of a journey.  It is acrylic on Saunders Waterford paper and started life as a completely different painting altogether!

I haven’t used my WordPress Blog for so long!  I set it up when I was doing my Fine Art degree and haven’t contributed since my final show.  I’m not preparing paintings and prints ready for Devon Open Studios which takes place 8th September to 22nd September for me.  I am working today also on content for my workshop on Wednesday in Bampton



Here are the oil on linen paintings I have put into the exhibition.  I have modified the palette, intensifying light and shade.  I have also included 4 small oil studies in the exhibition.

Paler and paler!


Making my palette ever lighter to try and achieve a feeling of a place to dream. But have I gone a step too far?!Image

Soot Painting


My first attempt at soot painting.  Quite tricky at first – some eyebrow depilation!  But a really interesting, atmospheric technique, I think.  First saw this at the Blackmore Farm exhibition in Somerset, by an artist called Tracey Hatton – her soot paintings are absolutely fantastic.  Also looked at Jiri Georg Dokoupil – very interesting work.  Not sure about the permanence of such a technique though!Image

Studio Practice


Again looking at places for contemplation and exploring phenomenology I have produced several paintings.  I’ve looked at the palettes of Morandi, Hammershoi and Tuymans to try to add to the feeling of calm.  Bachelard says, “At times, the simpler the image, the vaster the dream.”

I have looked at Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space and researched phenomenology.  I am particularly interested in corners and their being a place of refuge and safety.  



I have been exploring natural pigments and dyes in the natural world. I decanted the colours I had made into small bottles and labelled them with their latin names. Reminiscent of Hirst’s Pharmacy?

I have completed a DVD of submissions for the selection committee for the Art forMS Exhibition at the RD&E, Wonford.  I put out advertisements  in 2010 inviting artists who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis to submit their work for the exhibition, which is taking place from June to the end of August 2011.  Exeter Healthcare Arts is responsible for all of the artworks at the hospital and so the curating of the exhibition is being finalised by Stephen Pettet-Smith of EHA. There is quite a selection – including sculpture, watercolours, oils, mosaic, textiles from 19 artists.  I have also started organising the publicity material, including the postcard shown here.

I enjoyed the discipline of Life Drawing, experimenting with drawing with my “wrong” hand, “swinging the lead”, exploring line, volume and contour.